The new Hope 100 website

Welcome to the new home of The Hope 100. You may have previously seen our launch promotion for the website almost a year ago. To our embarrassment, it was only after the launch that the determination was made to extend the timeline to the flight and push off our public releases. Finally, after a very exciting year of organizational progress, we have an announcement to make:

The Hope 100 Team proudly presents
The Hope 100 Website

The purpose of this web-based portal is to give insight and allow the public to join in on The Hope 100’s mission to expose the public to aviation while raising money for cancer research. Due to past mistakes in handling our initial launch, we have planned this one in a few steps.

The release of this post is our soft launch and acknowledges that while general information is up on the website there is still  much to be added. When new content goes live we will announce it on the main page of the site in a post much like this one.

Future announcements will include the date of our hard launch when most of the site is operational. Until then we ask for everyone interested in our progress to please look for those updates.

And from our all-volunteer team at The Hope 100, we would like to huge thank you for all of your love and support.