Interested in Becoming a Pilot?

​Experienced adventurer​s​ ​of flight ​​will tell you that the hardest step to take is ​the first one. Part of The Hope 100 Mission is to assist you in taking that first step. Below is an overview, presented in a simplified list, of the main steps required to obtain an FAA Private Pilot license.

  1. Schedule and take an Orientation Flight;
  2. Obtain Student Pilot License and Third Class Medical;
  3. Choose a Certified Flight Instructor & Aircraft;
  4. Begin training and complete pre-solo training;
  5. Solo the aircraft performing three take-offs & landings;
  6. Complete post-solo training;
  7. Receive instructor sign-off and take FAA Private Pilot Written;
  8. Take final "check ride" with an FAA-certified examiner; and
  9. Receive your private pilot's license.

Interested? Click below for more information and resources on each step.