Raising Money to Help Medical Researchers Fight Cancer!

The Hope 100 was originally organized as a tribute to a mission pilot's late father who lost his battle to Cancer in July 2015. Since the flight's inception, it has grown from an opportunity to honor a father into the realization that the love of flight can be used to further the aviation industry and at the same time benefit causes that help those in society who need it most.

We believe that flying is a gift that all of us can sometimes take for granted and when we are able it is our duty to give back to those less fortunate in health. Therefore we will be raising money to donate to cancer research in memory of a lost father and on behalf of The Hope 100 team and supporters like you. We have chosen the research to raise funds for very careful and with much consideration we have chosen:

Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center's Immunotherapy Research

Their website states that "Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center is an international leader in cancer immunotherapy research. We forged the way with key advances, and our discoveries continue to drive progress. Every day, Penn’s award-winning doctors and scientists are hard at work, coming up with new ways to use the immune system to fight cancer. Our goal is to find tomorrow's cure today."

Included below are two videos about the breakthroughs that the research has had. The first video is a short 4 minute video summarizing just how far they have come. The second is longer and is bookmarked to play the last third of Vice News' special on Killing Cancer. In it you will hear the full heart warming story of a young girl, Emily, who was brought back from what appeared to be the end of her short life.

Video One | Fire with Fire

Video Two | Vice News Special Report on Killing Cancer

The Hope 100 team draws inspiration from their continuous fight against a horrible disease that affects millions of people today. We are hopeful that our donation, however large or small, can in someway help in their efforts. For more information on the program, please see their program website.

For any questions regarding The Hope 100's donation or fundraising please contact us by email via [email protected].