Our Most Commonly Asked Questions!

Questions to this section are being compiled and will be available the first week of May 2017.

1) On The Hope 100 Mission

Does this flight need approval from anyone to do this?

Why would you want to be in an airplane for so long?

How do volunteers feel about helping with a record they don’t have a chance at breaking themselves?

What are you getting out of this?

How many volunteers are helping with The Hope 100?

Why do you think people outside aviation are going to care about your flight?

Why did you pick Chicago to be the city where you attempt to break the record?

Why did you choose the flight endurance record?

Can you quickly sum up what you are doing?

2) On the Aircraft & Flight

How will the pilots balance sleep during such a long flight?

Who will be taking off and landing the aircraft at the beginning and end of the flight?

What type of diet will the pilots be on during the flight?

Are you going to bring 100 days of food and water with you?

What are somethings that you will be doing to “engage the public” during the flight?

What happens if something fails while you’re flying?

Who will you be communicating with while you are flying?

What type of aircraft are you going to be flying?

How much fuel will you be using over the entire flight?

How are you going to change the aircraft engine oil?

How often will you need to refuel?

How are you going to refuel?

How will the pilots use the bathroom?

What are some pilot health considerations during the flight?

What are your concerns about the weather?

Are you going to fly around Chicago all 100 days?

How many pilots will be in the aircraft?

This does not sound safe; is it dangerous?

3) On Our Cancer Research Cause

How will you go about funding cancer research?

Why did you select that specific cancer research program?

What does cancer research have to do with aviation?

How are you going to raise money for cancer research while you are in the sky?

4) On Supporting the Mission

Can I directly help with the flight?

Can I support The Hope 100 if I have no money?

How can I sponsor The Hope 100?

Where does my donation to The Hope 100 go?

How can I donate to The Hope 100?

If you did not receive an answer to the question you have and would like more information, please send it via email to [email protected]. We will continue to add questions to the FAQ section as they come to us.