Promoting Aviation with a Record Breaking Attempt!

The Hope 100 is a highly-visible 'adventure based' 100-day flight aimed at promoting aviation to the general public. The flight will attempt to break the current Flight Endurance Record and take place around the city of Chicago beginning in May 2018. Due to weather and other concerns, The Hope 100 will also have secondary refueling station at an unnamed location outside the Chicago region. The current record from 1959 was set in a Cessna 172 and stands at 64 days, 22 hours, and 19 minutes.

The Hope 100 Mission: To stimulate a public interest in aviation through an adventure based approach that highlights aviation achievement and raises money to for cancer research. This includes the following objectives:

Objective 1: Promote Aviation through Flight

The Hope 100 intends to positively impact aviation by giving the public a reason to 'look up'. in a meaningful way. With our flight taking place within view of the public we will once more see Americans look to the skies for hope and inspiration as we:

  • Bring aviation adventure into the lives of non-aviators by interactive social media
  • Actively engage students pursuing an education with the field of aviation
  • Interact with local media to raise the The Hope 100's profile in the public mind
  • Be an example to inspire people in all fields to aspire to innovative thinking and ideas seemingly beyond their reach

It is our belief that by performing the flight in a highly visible landscape the general public will again find themselves curious and excited about the adventure of flying. The Hope 100 is about promoting an aviation in a way that generates curiosity through the romance that some have forgotten aviation still holds.

Objective 2: Provide Aspiring Pilots a Gateway into Aviation

The Hope 100 team understands that becoming inspired to think about the 'adventure above our heads' is only half of a solution. This website will also present a streamlined method to breaking down the Federal Aviation Administration's flight training process for those interested in beginning their own 'flying adventure'. The Hope 100 wants to provide a single, simple, yet actionable presentation of the private pilot training process broken down into general steps to obtain a license. These tools include:

  • A breakdown of steps to obtain your Private Pilot's License (Airplane Single Engine Land)
  • Direction to official sources containing additional information on each listed step
  • Guidance on locating qualified instructors in your area in order to begin the flight training process

We believe that providing a 'Portal into Flight' on the same website containing information on The Hope 100 will allow those seeking information on our flight to consider taking a flight of their own. Additionally, when the mountain of flight training requirements & information that can dissuades potential aviators from exploring aviation further is broken down there is a higher likelihood that an Introductory Flight will be taken. The Hope 100 seeks to prove this theory.

Objective 3: Raise Money to Fight Cancer

The Hope 100 is a project launched in honor of Mission Pilot Joe Burlas' father passing away from pancreatic cancer. In mourning a tragedy came the realization of hope and because of this The Hope 100 will be raising money to help the University of Pennsylvania continue to fight cancer as they search for a cure.

All donations made to Burlas Aviation Inc.'s The Hope 100 project in excess of mission costs will be will be donated to Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center's Immunotherapy Research Fund "on behalf of the supporters and team of The Hope 100 endurance flight in memory of Joseph Earl Burlas III". Please see The Hope 100 Cause for more information on the cancer research program.

How You Can Help

The Hope 100 is currently not accepting donations until we begin soliciting for partners and sponsors in July 2017. For now the best way you can help The Hope 100's mission is to get the word out. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and share our message with others. It's important we move forward with the largest community-driven message possible. Tell your friends and family that something different is going to take place in the summer of 2018. It's not a flight to break a record but rather a flight for Aviation & Each Other.