The Hope 100 aims to open doors to future aviators and address the declining pilot population in the United States in allowing people to see our missions as a symbol of what aviation is – a platform for Hope. In doing what has yet to be done, we will allow our presence to give voice to other organizations that represent calls to alleviate human suffering. That is our mission in its simplest form – to use what we love to inspire interest and inquiry into the field of aviation by those who might never have been exposed to flight while at the same time using the publicity and exposure to campaign for Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center Immunotherapy Research Program in their fight against Cancer.

It is our belief that in doing something that is inherently dangerous, in a highly visible landscape, while engaging the public through this website and social media, that the general public will again find themselves curious and excited about the adventure of flying. The Hope 100 is about promoting an industry to generate curiosity through the romance that some have forgotten aviation still holds. With our flight taking place within view of the public we will once more see Americans look to the skies for hope and inspiration.

This website has been setup to highlight the project and provide tools for anyone interested in more information on becoming an FAA certificated pilot.