Joshuah DeHart

Joshuah DeHart

Project Manager


Joshuah DeHart is the Project Manager for The Hope 100 endurance flight. The flight will attempt to break the standing Flight Endurance Record set in 1959 and raise money for cancer research. The record currently stands at 64 days, 22 hours, and 19 minutes. The flight envelope for The Hope 100 endurance flight is scheduled to open in May 2018.

Personal History

Josh DeHart was born on June 3rd, 1993 in Harvey, Illinois and has remained an Illinois resident all of his life. Josh has had a passion for mechanical applications from a young age. He was introduced to aviation at the age of three year when he took his first flight in a Cessna 310 that was owned and operated by a family friend. Josh says he’s been hooked on aviation ever since and holds a student pilot certificate having flown over 50 hours. In high school he found himself involved in as many technical classes as possible including automotive and small engine maintenance. As a result of his drive to learn, DeHart was able to attend the SkillsUSA Competition Championship for Power Equipment Technology in both 2010 and 2011. The championship tested opposing students on “all areas of power equipment technology” with an emphasis in two and four cylinder engines. DeHart place second place both years and claims it is what confirmed his aspirations to continue his education in pursuit of becoming a professional mechanic.

Professional Background

DeHart graduated from Lewis University’s Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Program. He is currently a licensed FAA Airframe & Powerplant mechanic and spent two years working on general aviation aircraft. Currently he works within the commercial aviation industry as an A&P mechanic for a regional airline. Outside of aviation Josh was heavily involved in maintenance intensive projects and had worked with Joe Burlas on a number of them. In 2015 when approached by Burlas for The Hope 100, Josh happily agreed and was then chosen as the Project Manager for his attention to detail, passion for aviation, and belief that aviation can be used to inspire others. When asked what he most looks forward to in the future, he answered: “Making this dream a reality”.

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