Kazimierz Dyduch

Kazimierz Dyduch

Mission Pilot


Kazimierz “KC” Dyduch is one of two named Mission Pilots for The Hope 100 endurance flight. The flight will attempt to break the standing Flight Endurance Record set in 1959 and raise money for cancer research. The record currently stands at 64 days, 22 hours, and 19 minutes. The flight envelope for The Hope 100 endurance flight is scheduled to open in May 2018.

Personal History

Kazimierz Dyduch was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 21, 1992 to Polish immigrant parents. He has dual citizenship with both the United States of America and Poland, where he visits family as often as possible. He is fluent in English and Polish, and is working on perfecting his Spanish before taking on German and French. Born with a desire to explore the world, KC knew that working in the transportation industry would be a logical career choice. When asked what got him into aviation, he said that watching airplanes fly into his native O’Hare International Airport as a child sparked an interest that remained unattended until high school, where he made the decision to go to flight school and become an aviator.

Professional Background

Dyduch graduated with Honors from Lewis University in August of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Flight Management and a minor in Aircraft Dispatching. After finishing college, KC applied for work in the aviation industry and worked as a riverboat deckhand on the Mississippi River. Upon hearing back from an aviation freight company he left the riverboat and is currently working as a flight engineer on a Boeing 727. He is in possession of an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate (Airplane Single Engine Land & Sea, Multiengine Land, Instrument Airplane), Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, and a Flight Engineer Certificate.

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