Michael Mazzoni

Michael Mazzoni

Mission Pilot (Backup)


Michael Mazzoni is the selected Backup Mission Pilot for The Hope 100 endurance flight. The flight will attempt to break the standing Flight Endurance Record set in 1959 and raise money for cancer research. The record currently stands at 64 days, 22 hours, and 19 minutes. The flight envelope for The Hope 100 endurance flight is scheduled to open in May 2018.

Personal History

Michael Mazzoni is a Chicago land native, born July 17, 1989, and raised on the south side of Chicago and its suburbs. Aviation has been a part of his life since he can remember. Around the age of five his Grandfather, who was a veteran World War II aviator, took him to his first air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The Oshkosh trip instilled a love of aviation in Michael and was an eagerly awaited annual summer event up until his sophomore year of high school. That year Michael’s Grandfather passed away. Inspired by the loss of his Grandfather, Michael decided to pursue a career in aviation. He applied to the Lewis University Flight Management program and was accepted in the fall of 2007. On August 30th, Michael logged his first hour of flight from Lewis University Airport (KLOT) in a Cessna 172M.

Professional Background

Mazzoni graduated from Lewis University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation Administration Management with an accompanying FAA Commercial Pilot’s License (Airplane, Single Engine Land) and Instrument Rating. During his time in college and immediately after, Michael worked as an Assistant Practice Manager for Burkhardt Services Ltd which sparked his interest in business. He decided to start a career in the transportation industry and accepted a job with ReTrans Precision Logistics as a Logistics Coordinator in Memphis, Tennessee. During his four years in Tennessee, Michael worked to become a Logistics Manager and oversaw his original team. While still in Tennessee Michael co-founded Burlas Aviation Inc. and The Hope 100 where he has played a vital part in the planning, administration, and coordination efforts made for the upcoming flight. Michael currently works with AIT Worldwide Logistics as a Global Key Account Specialist. He is able to utilize his business knowledge and experience to help both his client and company grow. Michael’s future plans include adventures in flight and obtaining a FAA Multi-Engine Land rating.

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